Avoid a Court Case

Avoid a Court Case

Arrange for mediator services throughout LA County, with an office in Covina, CA

Lawsuits and other legal proceedings are often stressful, expensive and drawn-out. To get the outcome you want without all the aggravation, consider working with a mediator. Eugene F. Cristiano, Attorney at Law offers mediator services in LA County, including the Covina & Pasadena, CA areas.

When to work with a mediation attorney

You can use our meditator services for a wide range of legal issues, including...

Probate: Are you unhappy with the way your loved one's estate is being handled? Talk to us.
Personal injury: Resolve your personal injury lawsuit out of court with a settlement.
Insurance claims: Negotiate with your insurance provider without the expense and stress of a lawsuit.
Family law issues: Keep tensions from escalating by working with a trained family mediator.

A family mediator can also help your divorce progress more smoothly. Contact our Covina, CA location to set up a mediation appointment today.